Mission Statement

In the past couple of years, Pigtails in Paint has been getting some serious attention from academic and high-art institutions.  Although these few fans of the site understand what is being accomplished here, the apparent superficiality of our subject matter has made it hard for others, on their initial glance, to take us seriously.  It has been suggested that a clear mission statement should be included on the site to both clear up misconceptions and to emphasize that the editors intend to treat these topics seriously—without compromising any opportunities for light-heartedness, of course.  It is hoped that, in time, Pigtails in Paint will be regarded as an authority and key institution in this field.

Pigtails in Paint is dedicated to the portrayal of little girls in the arts and media: When this site was started, it was about little girls in art with an occasional advertisement thrown in. These examples could be justified as a form of commercial art, but art nonetheless. Since then, the site’s mission has expanded and it was necessary to add the word “portrayal” because there was the growing question of the effects that the image of the little girl has on our psyches. Therefore, readers should be aware that we try to cover the most interesting or relevant portrayals without getting sucked into the debate of artistic merit, not to mention high art. This site is not actually about girls themselves but those whom they affect and why they should such an affect on us.